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Evidence Custodian


EVIDENCE CUSTODIAN - Sgt. Tiffany McMurray

An evidence custodian logs and oversees evidence held by a law enforcement agency. The custodian is typically a law enforcement officer who either requests or gets assigned to the position. Key responsibilities including accurately logging evidence as it comes in and goes out to ensure proper chain-of-custody.

  1. Receives, reviews, catalogs, labels, tags, marks, packages, documents, and stores submitted property and evidence; safeguards integrity of chain-of-custody.
  2. Ensures hazardous materials evidence is appropriately handled, identified, contained, stored, transported, tested, and disposed of legally.
  3. Stay up to date on local, state, and federal laws involving property/evidence handling and recommend appropriate changes.
  4. Conducts an annual inventory or property and evidence room(s) to ensure the safeguarding of and accurate accounting of all items currently stored.
  5. Maintains a clean and orderly storage facility.

The Evidence Custodian also provides administrative and clerical support not related to evidence as directed by the department which may include but is not limited to the essential duties of other clerical staff within the department. They serve as the back-up Receptionist as directed, and type and prepare a wide variety of documents, correspondence and memos routine to matters covered by departmental procedures and practices.




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