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During my campaign as Sheriff, some objectives I had promised were to create a drug narcotics unit to curtail illegal drug trafficking which I have done. By adding a Narcotics and Criminal Patrol Division to the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office, we have made over 300 drug arrests, seized over $80,000.00 in cash, five vehicles, 50 various weapons of which six were reported as stolen. That's why it is so important to note you the serial number of your gun so if stolen we can enter the stolen weapon on the NCIC system. With all these drug arrests occurring, crime in Evangeline Parish has been reduced and continues to decrease.

Adding to the list of accomplishments, over 30 pounds of both Marijuana and Synthetic were seized along with pounds of Amphetamines (Meth), Heroin, Fentanyl. Also, 2000 Esctacy pills, 500 THC vape cartridges, over 1000 prescription pills and a pound of editable THC. All these illegal drugs were taken off the streets of Evangeline Parish making it safer. The street value of these illegal narcotics well exceeds $100,000.00.

EPSO has recovered many stolen four-wheelers in this one year and returning these to the rightful owners and arresting those involved. By doing so, four-wheeler thefts have practically ceased.

In July 2020, there was a protest at the GEO Pine Prairie Detention facility which was the first-ever for the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office. This kind of exposure was new to everyone and we have learned from this experience. The Sheriff's Office acted professionally and responsibly for this being the first time. The handling of the event was a success as the protesters were able to speak and get their point across and with minimal injuries occurring.

A Traffic Division also was created to run traffic on I-49 in August of 2020. Officers were trained and certified by Louisiana State Police in a new radar system called Lidar.

This campaign has been very successful in keeping our roadways safer. We have implemented in collecting fines easier by an on-line payment system; pay with a debit or credit card and everything is uploaded on our computer system immediately.

Hurricane Laura hit Cameron and Calcasieu Parishes causing extensive damage. Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office and Cabot Corporation on a joint endeavor began a food, water, and clothing campaign to collect needed items in those parishes affected by Hurricane Laura. Thanks to the generosity of the citizens of this parish, we were able to collect over a ton of goods and we were able to deliver these on September 30, 2020.

EPSO has written grants through USDA and we are awaiting approval of three vehicles. With that said, we will apply again this year for an additional 12 vehicles. Grants were also written for radios, body cameras, tasers, and the list goes on.

EPSO has implemented a payment option of paying one's Property Taxes online now. The standard in-person option is still available by paying with a cashier's check or money order. You have a choice.

Other accomplishments were donations of a Mobile Command Unit (2021 Camper) by Homeland Security, 2020 four-wheeler by Evangeline Parish Farm Bureau, 25 bulletproof vests by Giles Nissan of Lafayette, and 12 body cameras by Sheriff Wayne Morein's heirs. EPSO also has received several monetary donations of various amounts from individuals which was used in our operations.

The most important accomplishment by the Evangeline Parish's Sheriff Office came on April 24, 2021, when a One-Cent Sales Tax was passed by the voters of this great parish. I thank people for supporting a much-needed revenue increase earmarked only for the Sheriff's Office. With this passing, there will be much-needed improvements in our office. Additional employee hiring will be increased in all areas especially in Narcotics, Patrol, Criminal Patrol, and Criminal Investigators. A new jail is also much needed and a decision to build a new one or purchase an existing one is on the horizon.


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