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HIGH Speed Pursuit leads Law enforcement through three Parishes


Sheriff Charles R. Guillory, of the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office releases the following:

Evangeline Parish (I-49 South) - On Monday, October 5, 2020, a Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Deputy was conducting routine Lidar Traffic Enforcement Stops. He visually observed a vehicle which appeared to be travelling at a high rate of speed. By the use of his MPH Lidar he was able to see that the vehicle was a dark gray Dodge Challenger (Bumblebee). The vehicle was lasered at 96 miles per hour at the distance of 2002 feet in a 75 miles per hour zone on I-49 South. The Deputy immediately activated his blue emergency lights and siren, at which point the driver of the vehicle refused to slow down and pull over while ignoring all traffic signals. A pursuit ensued. While in pursuit the vehicle was being driven erratically and reached a speed in excess of 146 mph.

The pursuit entered St. Landry Parish, where the fleeing vehicle exited off onto Exit 19 ramp for Opelousas/Baton Rouge. He continued eastbound in the direction towards Baton Rouge on Highway 190, before passing through the cities of Port Barre and Krotz Springs. The pursuit continued into the town of Livonia where the Livonia Police Department awaited the fleeing vehicle with the use of a spike strip in an attempt to slow the vehicle down and stop forward progress. The fleeing vehicle's passenger side tire made contact with the spike strip damaging the tire, yet still failed to stop the vehicle at this time. The Deputy ended up losing sight of the suspect, but other Agencies continued the pursuit.

Shortly after Louisiana State Police Troop A advised that they were on LA Highway 411 and in contact with a vehicle fitting the description given. The passenger side tire of the vehicle was on a flat and the male suspect was attempting to replace the tire. Louisiana State Police Troop A advised they had the two suspects in custody.

The Deputy involved in the initial pursuit was able to identify the vehicle. The two suspects were identified as Troy Gray and Jessica Martin.  The suspects suspects were then transported to the Pointe Coupee Parish Correctional Facility to be held for Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office by a Detainer for the charges of RS 32:61 Speeding, RS 14;108 Aggravated Fight from an Officer, RS 32:361.1 Window Tint, RS 47:507 Illegal Display of a License Plate and RS 40:966C Possession of Schedule 1 CDS. A bond amount was set at $31,800 by 13th District Judicial Judge Chuck West on both Troy Gray and Jessica Martin. 

Jessica Martin
Jessica Martin

Troy Gray
Troy Gray

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