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Sheriff Charles R. Guillory, of the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office releases the following:

On Friday, August 16, 2020, a scheduled Protest being conducted in the Pine Prairie area goes from being peaceful to a disturbance.

Authorities say the Protest went from being a peaceful mobile protest within vehicles to an all-out disturbance when vehicles of the Protest began obstructing the public roadway (LA Highway 13/Veterans Memorial Highway).

The protesters in the roadway were shouting vulgar and derogatory phrases towards local law enforcement officers, when a Deputy attempted to make contact with Protesters as they yelled on a Megaphone. When approached the Protesters became highly disturbed and attacked the Deputy disarming him of his means of communication and defense.

When an arrest was attempting to be made on the Protester that disarmed and assaulted the Deputy other Protesters interfered by releasing pepper spray and attacking nearby Officers with blunt objects, causing those Officers to retreat and have aide rendered to them at a Decontamination Station. Officers only suffered minor cuts and bruises.

Deputies regain control and order by returning OC Spray back into the crowd of Protesters.

This investigation is still ongoing and pending charges/arrest.    


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