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On June 26, 2024 Narcotic Agents with Evangeline Parish Sheriff Office, Patrol Units with Evangeline Parish Sheriff Office and Agents with Louisiana Probation and Parole went to the address of 420 Chestnut to serve an Active Warrant on a subject identified as Fontella Malveaux.

Upon arrival to the residence, Probation and Parole Agents knocked on the door of 420 East Street Apartment 2 in reference to make contact with the wanted subject. Narcotic Agents observed a vehicle with its reverse lights attempting to leave the immediate area.  Narcotic agents approached the driver of the vehicle and upon making contact, the driver who was identified as James Malveaux Junior.   Malveaux was instructed to step out of the vehicle and make his way to the rear of the vehicle. J. Malveaux was advised of Law Enforcement searching for Fontella Malveaux and at that time James Malveaux stated she was in the back seat of the car.  Agents ordered Fontella Malveaux out of the vehicle where she was advised of her Miranda Rights, detained and arrested by probation and parole.  

Narcotic agents conducted a weapons pat-down of James Malveaux and asked if he could empty the contents of his pockets in which he stated yes. When his wallet was removed from his pocket a piece of plastic could be seen sticking out, when asked what it was, he immediately stated "it isn't mine." When the plastic was removed, it was found to contain .5 grams of Methamphetamine.

James Malveaux was arrested and charged with (1) Count 40:967.C for Possession of Schedule II CDS Methamphetamine.

Fontella Malveaux and James Malveaux Junior was transported to Evangeline Parish Jail for further booking and processing.  Fontella Malveaux was arrested on an Active Probation and Parole Warrant. James Malveaux Junior was arrested for Possession of Schedule II Narcotics: Methamphetamine.


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