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On June 24, 2024, Deputies with the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office were dispatched to 108 Tulip St. Ville Platte La., about complainant, Joseph Brown wanting a female removed from his property due to her taking his cell phone.  Deputies arrived at the residence and made contact with Brown Deputies learned the phone had been returned but he wanted the female removed from the property. Deputies were informed by the female of her name Rhonda Pruitt.   Dispatch was advised of the information they were unable to locate any information on the information given.

Upon the arrival of Narcotic agents, who identified the female as Rhonda Rollins.  At this time dispatch was able to locate information on Rhonda Rollins and provide a picture to confirm her identity and dispatch also advised that she had a felony warrant for Probation & Parole.   At that time, Rollins was placed under arrest and put in the rear of the deputy's patrol unit. Upon narcotic agents speaking to the owner of the residents and a field investigation, a search of the home was conducted. 

Ricky Savoie 25.1 grams of Methamphetamines/38 revolver/ digital scale

Kylie Phillips .4 grams of Methamphetamines/glass smoking pipe.

Ricky Savoie age 43  was arrested and charged with (1) Count 40:967A of Distribution/Possession with the Intent to Distribute Schedule II CDS Methamphetamine (Felony) (1) 14:95 (E) Illegal Carry of Weapons: Crime or CDS (Felony) (1) Count 14:95.1 Possession of Firearm or Carrying Concealed Weapon by a Person Convicted of Certain Felonies.

Kylie Isreal Phillips age 38, was  arrested and charged with (1) Count of 40:967 C Possession of Methamphetamines Schedule II CDS

When R. Rollins was asked if there were any illegal narcotics at the residence she stated that a white male she identified as Rickey Savoie was in the residence and had been smoking "Mojo" with her.  I was aware of the other occupants Jessie Savoy also known as "Taco" and Heather Savoy's illegal use of narcotics such as Methamphetamine from prior contact with them.  I also recognized Kylie Israel Phillips from prior contact involving narcotics. I then went to speak with J. Brown who stated that the residence belonged to him and when asked if Rickey Savoie was in the residence he stated that he was, I asked if he was aware that he was said to have illegal narcotics on him and he stated no. When asked if he could go get him out of the residence so we could speak to him, he advised me that I could go into the residence and get him. I then asked J. Brown if it was ok that Sgt. Ronnie Stevens came into the residence and he gave permission.

We entered the residence under the carport area, which was the kitchen/living room area and the odor of Marijuana could be smelt in the residence, we then observed three doors and in the area of the second door, movement could be heard. We attempted to open the door and it was locked, and after attempting to open the door we heard a loud noise come from the room and then voices. At that time I advised the occupant(s) in the room to open the door and at that time Rickey Savoie opened the door and then stepped back to the foot of the bed, the odor of Marijuana could be smelt in the room. When entering the room it was found that another white male identified as Kenneth Fontenot was also in the room lying on the bed. When asked if he lived there he stated that it was his room. I then advised R. Savoie that we were made aware that he had Synthetic Marijuana (Mojo) and asked if he still had any in his possession and he stated that he did not because he had smoked it. I then asked K. Fontenot if there were any illegal narcotics in the room due to seeing a Marijuana grinder on the nightstand and he stated that he had a prescription for Marijuana. When asked if R. Savoie put anything anywhere before opening the door he did not give a direct answer. When asked for permission to search the room K. Fontenot gave permission and under the foot of the bed where R. Savoie was standing a small white and black book sack with Stranger Things on the tag was located on the floor and when picked up a Charter Arms Undercover 38 Spl Serial # 210490 with 4 bullets was found under it. I then showed the bag to K. Fontenot and asked him if I could look in the bag he stated I could, and when looking in it a black plastic tube with a plastic bag containing 25.1 grams of Methamphetamine was located also in the bag was digital scale and sandwich bags.  I then asked if the bag belonged to him and he stated that it did not belong to him and R. Savoie advised that the bag belonged to him. When K. Fontenot was asked if the firearm belonged to him he stated that it did not and again R. Savoie advised that the firearm belonged to him as well. At that time R. Savoie was placed under arrest. While still searching the room on the wall next to the head of the bed was a black fanny pack when K. Fontenot was asked what was inside of it he took it off the wall and opened it up and when looking inside of it, a cellophane with 2.1 grams of Marijuana and a blue metal marijuana grinder with 1 gram of Marijuana inside it.

Savoie asked that his wallet and phone be turned over to K.Phillips who he came with I then approached the vehicle (Louisiana License Plate 136FPT) that K. Phillips was now sitting in and told her that he was turning his property over to her. I then asked K. Phillips if there were any illegal narcotics in the vehicle due to the narcotics found in his possession and she stated that there shouldn't be anything in the vehicle when asked for permission to search the vehicle she gave permission to search it and in the center console was a brown zipper pouch with a blue wallet with a zipper on it and a glass meth pipe, inside the zipper of the blue wallet was a Cashapp card for K. Phillips and a piece of plastic containing .4 grams of Methamphetamine and when informed that it was found and told that I knew it was for her because her cash app card was in it she didn't deny it. At that time she was advised of her rights and put in handcuffs and she stated "I didn't know I had mine".

Rollins, K.Phillips, and R. Savoie were all transported to the Evangeline Parish Jail for booking. When looking at R. Savoie's Criminal History it showed that he was convicted of Failing to Register as a Sex Offender in 2018, Unlawful Presence of a Sex Offender in 2019, and Fugitive out of Parish in 2020.

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