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I Sheriff Charles R. Guillory want to take this time to issue this Public Health Safety announcement. The Sheriff's Office Narcotics unit, have been finding a lot illegal narcotics. These narcotics are being packaged in the same designs and manners as you would find in candy. This is being done to try and elude detection from law enforcement, but it is causing children to believe it is candy. These THC Laced Gummies are extremely potent and make a child extremely sick if it doesn't kill them. It is a sad day in time when drug dealers target our little children this way. Parents, please check the candy and snacks that your children are given. We do not want any of them to get sick are hurt by consuming any of these gummies.

If you come across any of these types of narcotics please call the Sheriff's Office immediately. I will send a deputy to see about it. Let's keep our children safe.

This is a photo of MDMA Ecstasy from a recent narcotics arrest. The pills are pressed and colored to look like candy. Just of one these could kill a child. 


This is a photo from a recent search warrant. This picture clearly shows packages made to look like kid's candy. The THC vape pin is even designed to appeal to kids.


This picture shows the extent they will go to so they can market and sell their illegal narcotics.

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