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Sheriff Charles R. Guillory, of the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office, releases the following:

PROBATION DIVISION: There are 3 factors one must consider after being placed on Parish Probation.

Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Probation Officers states if placed on probation, one must first Report. A probationer should report to his Probation Officer at regularly scheduled intervals that he/she was assigned at the start of their probation. Second is Payment of Fine, fines should be paid on time and as directed by your assigned Probation Officer. Fines are collected in the form of a Money Order, and should always be given directly to your Probation Officer for credit of payment. The third is Home of Record, it is necessary for your Probation Officer to always know the address to where you are residing at all times. During your probation, if a change of address is necessary, you must always ensure that your probation officer is notified of the new address. 

Adhering to these 3 key factors while on probation along with any other guidelines given to you by your assigned Probation Officer, will ensure that you complete your probation term successfully.

If anyone has questions or concerns in reference to Parish Probation, please contact the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office Probation Division at 337-363-2161 or via our agency's website at

As always, Sheriff Charles R Guillory and the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office is always seeking information on criminal activity and urges the public to contact the Evangeline Parish Sheriff's Office Investigation Department via phone at 337-363-2161 or through the agency's website at Any person reporting information will always remain anonymous.    


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